Give Me a Break

spring clean

I decided to take a few days off during this upcoming week of “spring break”. I have already made progress with some spring cleaning projects that I planned to work on. In fact, I am working a bit too hard to be “on vacation”.

I finally made myself stop in order to write this week’s post. My Weekly Wow helps me slow down and pay attention to what is really important. I hope that it helps you in some way.

We are one week away from celebrating His resurrection. This is really important to me.

Wow . . .

“Take a break and spring clean your heart.”

That’s my weekly wow. Look for yours this week!

:-) Lucy

This May Be Out of Place



I was participating in a workshop about creating positive change when the presenter suggested that we consider putting an item in a strategic place where we would intentionally see it at a later time.  When we see it later, he explained, it will cause us to pause. During the pause, we can remember to choose the new thought or behavior we want to incorporate into our lives.

He went on to explain how this strategy works. He said that whenever things are out of place, we naturally pause and notice it.

In that moment all I could think of was what had happened earlier that morning. I had just finished cleaning the kitchen and wiping down the counters after preparing breakfast and packing four lunches. When I stepped back into the kitchen, I noticed that several new items had been placed and left on the counter. It most certainly caused me to pause.

Wow . . .

When others leave things out of place, pause and pray for you and them.

That’s my weekly wow. Look for yours this week.

:-) Lucy




Weigh In On This


When I make eggplant parmesan, like I did this week, I use 5 pounds of flour. That might sound like a lot of flour, but it is actually the perfect amount. I learned this from watching my Italian mother cook.

Once the eggplant is sliced and sprinkled with salt it is put into a colander. The colander rests in a pot and a plate is placed on the eggplant. The bag of flour is then put on top of the plate.

The weight of the flour, I was told, is to squeeze the bitterness out of the eggplant. I’ve never questioned the process, I just do it that way.

Today, however, I find myself pondering this and questioning the reason for certain things.

Wow . . .

Maybe the extra weight placed on us at times is intended to squeeze the bitterness out of us.

That’s my weekly wow. Look for yours this week.

:-) Lucy



Oh, Heck Yes!


I’m reading Brene Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection. In it, she talks about setting boundaries and being able to say “No” to things we really don’t want to do.

The other side of this, she explains, is being able to say “Yes” to the things we really do want to do. Often times, she says, people don’t feel worthy enough to say “yes” to certain things.

Wow . . .

Have the courage to say “yes” this week.

That’s my weekly wow. Look for yours this week.
:-) Lucy

The Power of Packaging


A client was sharing her hopes, dreams and desires with me. One area that she was focusing on was that of her home.  I asked her to tell me more about what she wanted in this area.

She explained that she wanted her home to be a place where people would come. She wished her home to be a warm and welcoming place where she could entertain and visit with family and friends.

The next week she told me that several of her family members had lost their power during our recent storms. She went on to say that since she had power, everyone ended up coming to stay with her at her house.

What was interesting about this to me was that she hadn’t made the connection between clarifying her desires and what actually unfolded in her life. When I pointed this out to her, she was very surprised.

Wow . . .

“The gifts we receive can be wrapped in unusual circumstances.”

That’s my weekly wow. Look for yours this week.
:-) Lucy
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Get A Handle on This


It was the first Friday of Lent, we were all iced in from the storm and I was flipping fish fillets in the oven for lunch. This is when I took note of the spatula I was using.

It’s a nice stainless steel spatula that used to have a black handle on it. Several years ago the handle came off and I just continued to use it as is. In this moment, however, I decided it was time for a new spatula and I bought one the very next day.

Holding the new spatula in my hand made me think of how often we go through life without the right tools. Maybe we use ones that are not as efficient or effective as they could be. We manage to get by and learn how to make do.

Wow . . .

“Invest in the proper tools and get a better grip on your life.”

That’s my weekly wow. Look for yours this week.

:-) Lucy
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